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Magna Mater, 2023 ​

Video art, experimental film

Format: Full HD

Duration: 13 min

Password: on demand


In the experimental art film "Magna Mater," a woman engages in a transformative journey into motherhood, exploring the complexed web of intrapersonal and interpersonal communication. Inspired by Magna Mater or the Great Mother, a terracotta sculpture discovered in the Neolithic settlement of "Tumba" Madžari near Skopje, the film delves into the woman’s role as a life-giver and a protector of home and family. Through contemplation on concepts of creation, cyclical models, and the qualities of motherhood, the film invites viewers to reflect on the profound connection between a woman and the divine, as she embraces her own transformative power as a Great Mother.


Part of the project FEMINA vs. FEMININOLOGY in collaboration with Association of Artists of Macedonia and Croatian Association of Visual Artists and Art Critics.

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