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Collage photography, painting, socially engaged and participatory art, site specific installation, 2019

The exhibition Entropy of the two young female artists - the Croatian Mare Šuljak and the Macedonian Jana Lulovska - includes artworks made in the course of the artistic residency "CreArt Skopje 2019". As regards the conceptual grounds, the artists proceed from topics tackling the contemporaneity, everyday, ethics... in the context of human (un)changeable mark that remains in time, in nature and in the environment.

The works of Jana Lulovska reveal her personal attitude on pollution, as one of the most threatening problems of today, in a way that includes processing of the awareness of the issue of temporality and pronounced ecological approach to the harmful impact on man upon nature. As a witness of the immeasurable destruction by humans, she opts for the ideology "zero waste" as the only possible way of a possible rescue of nature and humankind. Therefore, she renders her works in a manner of recycled art - a collage of black/white classical, analogically mastered photographs of people of different ages and animals (made during her student days) and color prints on recycled paper applied on waste material.

The works of Mare Šuljak and Jana Lulovska shown at this exhibition are in correlation and they include several analogies in their topics of interest. The proceeding moment is, certainly, the awareness for the environment they live in where universal stories with humanistic dimensions are being developed. Although they reflect two different conceptual and artistic entities, each with a multilayered visual idiom of her own, transposed through contemporary and mixed media, they offer a poetic image of temporality through fragments of the past and the present on the mark that men/society leave behind. Applying a conceptually adjacent approach, they visually reflect different perspectives of what is going on in the present, warning of the inconceivable human easiness in rejecting what is "unnecessary" and the consequences of the ignorant attitude towards nature. Referring to entropy as a measure of the chaos of a system and the nature that takes over in lack of a system, Šuljak and Lulovska point to the existing possibilities of choice and life in harmony with nature.

This project is co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union and City of Skopje.

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