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Cyanotypes, Photograms, 2022

In their exhibition Pictorialism, Jana Lulovska and Saso Alushevski present thirty photographs. Following the basic principles of Pictorialism, all the exhibited works are ‘soft’ and ‘tactile’. Made in one of the older and today rarely used photographic techniques, cyanotype, common for the displayed pieces is the basic desire to awaken the imagination of the viewer and to present the beauty of nature that man increasingly neglects.

Pictorialism is a historical, artistic style of photography originating from the late nineteenth century. It is an aesthetic movement whose guiding principles were elevating photography to the level of a true art form (on a par with other traditional forms such as painting, sculpture or graphics), and freeing it from the perception that it is a simple record of reality. In Pictorialism, the photographer ‘manipulates’ the photograph (while photographing or during the process of making/ developing a photograph) to create an art work, while preference over its documentary nature, is given to the beauty of the displayed motif, the composition and the tone of the photograph.

This project is co-funded by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of North Macedonia and City of Skopje.

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