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Experimental and alternative photography, socially engaged and participatory art, site specific installation, 2022

Natura in Vita/Vita in Natura is the title of Lulovska's project which consists of photographic documentary archives of life and work in the countryside; wide-angle landscape photography (all photos are transferred, depending on the cycle, with experimental methodologies on various grounds in order to give this medium a different, more conceptual and contemporary dimension), sound installation, olfactory semantics and a self-sustaining green indoor garden and all that amplified with the aspect of interaction, i.e. involvement, in which the recipient of the visual project feels that he/she contributes to the whole narrative.

With this project, Lulovska puts emphasis on the illusions of the present day – i.e. that we see nature as an isolated entity. The relationship between humanity and nature is much more complex and their dynamics have changed throughout the centuries. Simultaneously, it is necessary to change the more anthropocentric conceptualization of the natural world, in which nature is always seen as a "resource" that serves human needs. Nature, according to T. J. Demos, must be decolonized.

This project is funded by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of North Macedonia.

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