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Experimental and alternative photography, 2015

Correlation consists of twenty diptychs generated from and dedicated to the Balkan landscape. Through this genre and by applying the old, classical and once popular noble technique gum bichromate, in this time of general digitalization/virtualization, Lulovska tries to reactualize this technique in order to gain her creative freedom based on the corporeal similarity of the sign and the treated object.


This project of Lulovska is based on dualism, i. e. the opposing binary symbolic structure (blue-red, earth-sky, yin-yang, sfumato effect) of the tangibility, of its synchronically conceived corporeal and Platonic love trace pressed into the body on the photographs. With a minimalistic, almost painting, i. e. watercolor emanation, she discretely (re)creates, modifies the interpretation of the reality in the landscape views. 

This project is funded by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of North Macedonia.

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